5. Training Requirements for the Implementation of Rural Development

The successful implementation of such a strategy for rural development requires trained manpower at all levels. But it seems that training is particularly required in three fields:

  • In-service training for officers of the local administration, from Superintendent to department officers, at county level. This training should primarily cause a change in the officers` attitude and understanding of their duty. They should consider themselves not so much as government authorities, but as teachers of the public and organizers of developmental activities. In addition, training should include such subjects as planning methods, budgeting, supervision of plan execution, etc.
  • Pre- and in-service training of extension personnel in agriculture. Here, a new institution or at least a thorough revision off the Booker Washington Institute is necessary to supply personnel of the necessary quality. Training should be much more practical than at present. To obtain the necessary results, an upward revision of payscales for extension appears to be necessary.
  • All developmental activities (local councils, cooperatives, are.) require persons trained as secretary- managers. These persons should have a basic understanding of government organization and procedures, reporting, administration, business management, book keeping, budgeting, etc. For the time being, there are no facilities to train such personnel. The planned Public Administration Training Institute does not intend to offer such courses according to the present projects. For all development activities, the establishment of such training courses is of the utmost importance.