2.7. Agricultural Policy and Programmes

For the time being, quite a number of programmes of the Department of Agriculture are under discussion or are being implemented:

  • Expansion of Rice Production
  • Expansion of Tree Crop Production
  • Expansion of Livestock Production
  • Forestry Development Project
  • Special Projects for Rice Production in Development Areas
  • Inland Fisheries

In addition, it plans the establishment of several services such as

  • Planning Unit for Development
  • Agricultural Credit Corporation
  • Development of Agricultural Training Institutions
  • Cooperative, Credit and Marketing Division for the Department of Agriculture
  • Soil Survey
  • Agricultural Engineering Corporation.

The value of each of these programmes will not be discussed here. From a development policy standpoint, one gets the impression that there is

  • a lack in defining overall goals and strategies
  • a lack of a sound basis for planning in the form of land use planning
  • a subject matter approach of "something for everything" projects instead of policies
  • an emphasis on production rather than on development
  • a tendency to assist larger farmers.